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Why Personal Training

Personal training is waar onze Personal Training Studio groot mee is geworden. Doordat we het erg belangrijk vinden jij het maximale uit je personal training sessie haalt is voedingsadvies belangrijk onderdeel van personal training bij ons in de studio.

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Personal Training and Nutritional Advice

Nutritional advice and personal training together ensure optimal results. If you have started a personal training program with us in the studio, this will always include nutritional advice. We use an app to keep track of your nutrition. When you start a personal training session, you and your trainer check whether you are able to eat in the right proportions.If this does not work, you can negotiate with your trainer to arrive at a nutritional pattern that works for you, but which will also continue to work for you when you have finished your personal training program.

Your personal trainer

Personal training is more than getting stronger or losing weight. Posture control is an important part of personal training. A personal training session always starts with a test to look at your natural compensations. Your trainer creates your personal training schedule by combining your goals and compensations. This not only makes you stronger, but also improves your posture. Because our personal trainers are well trained, you as a customer with us really get value for your money. In addition to the common goals of losing weight, gaining muscle mass and simply becoming FIT again, our personal trainers also look at your posture. Your personal trainer looks at your natural compensations and adjusts your training schedule accordingly, so that you not only achieve your personal goals, but your posture improves and any complaints can be prevented in the future.

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