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The Personal Training Studio of Delft

Our high-end Personal Training Studio is fully equipped. The studio consists of several offices for coaching conversations, private showers and a nice bar for a drink after a training session. The Personal Training Studio consists of several rooms. One of these rooms is aimed at Personal Training, the other is designed for Small Group Training. Both rooms are designed in such a way that the most can be achieved from a training session. The group lesson room has more space to move freely and the personal training room has extra equipment to get the most out of a training session.

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Where is the Personal Training Studio located?

Our Personal Training Studio is located at the beginning of the Schieweg next to the center of Delft. Because our studio is so centrally located, it is easy to reach by bike. Many people in Delft are familiar with the residential boulevard (Leeuw&Stein), where our Personal Training Studio is located above the Grando Keukens. The location is central, easy to reach and has a beautiful view over the Schie. If you come by car, parking is no problem, there is ample parking in our own car park.

Take a look inside our Personal Training Studio

The Personal Training Studio has an area of ​​250m2 and is one of the larger Private Personal Training Studios in Delft. The atmosphere is professional and friendly. Customers only come to us if they have an appointment, which ensures a quiet environment. If you are curious what our Personal Training Studio looks like from the inside, you can view the 3D tour at the top of this page. If you would like to view our Personal Training Studio in real life, this is of course also possible. Please complete our contact form to schedule an introductory meeting.

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