Fitness Technical University of Delft

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Fitness to achieve goals

Most people know the situation. What you need to do to get fitter and/or gain and keep weight. Exercising more and watching your diet is the only way to achieve health goals. Exercise in a Fitness environment can contribute to this. Fitness is aimed at getting and keeping your body in a good condition. There are two types of fitness training. Cardio and strength training.

Cardio training

In fitness we have two categories. The first is cardio training. Cardio training is aimed at improving your condition. In cardio training your heart rate goes up. You breathe harder. This improves your cardiovascular capacity. This in turn means that you get better stamina. Because of this you can keep training longer and longer with regular cardio training. Cardiotraining can be done on equipment such as treadmills, spinning bikes, but also the cross- and rowing trainer and without equipment such as running and jumping.

Strength training

During strength training you will also work on your condition, but especially on strengthening your muscles. Muscle training is done by making short explosive movements using a fitness machine or weights. It's also done with free exercises such as board push-ups.

How to make optimal use of your fitness subscription

Achieving health goals? There is still a big gap between knowing and doing. A lot of research has been done to find out why many people buy a subscription to a fitness center but don't really get around to making the most of it. Close to the Technical Union in Delft is a special fitness opportunity. A short distance between work and fitness is already a big advantage. Before, during or after your work at the Technical Union in Delft there is an opportunity to make a short trip to BMFITT. There are professional coaches ready to guide you on a personal appointment. And that last... Personal Appointment' is a second, but oh so important stick behind the door, that you will actually go Fitness.

Fitness for everyone at Delft University of Technology

Fitness can be entered at any level. Whether you are a trained person with a lot of sports experience or not at all accustomed to sports. After an extensive intake see who you are and where you stand. So that the program suits you and the fitness will be fun but challenging. We always encourage you to come together with a colleague. That gives more motivation.

BMFITT is close to the TU Delft.

BMFITT is a fitness opportunity that is close to the Technical University in Delft. BMFITT exists for several years and has experienced and well trained Personal trainers in house. If you have a waste wish, there are also qualified and accredited weight consultants present. This total package is ideal.

Don't wait and start fitness today

Finish postponing and looking for reasons why you don't start working out. There are plenty of reasons to start. We'll help you make your goals a success.

BMFITT, adjacent to the TU Delft, challenges you!

We challenge you to make an appointment for a free intake at BMFITT.
BMFITT adjacent to the TU Delft is easy to reach and only works with trained Personal Trainers. They are ready for you to achieve your goals. Think of relaxation, fitness, weight loss, muscle mass building.

Contact BMFITT today and ask for a free intake.

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