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RIVM has drawn up a list of vulnerable groups who are at higher risk of developing serious complaints due to the coronavirus. These include people who are seriously overweight. One in three corona patients admitted to the ICU is overweight. You are seriously overweight if your BMI is over 30. If your BMI is between 25 and 30 then you are overweight. In the Netherlands more than 50% of the population is overweight to severely overweight. Time for action!

Being overweight means more health risks

Overweight people are more likely to be at risk of metabolic diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. As a result, the resistance is severely weakened and the consequences when contracting corona can be severe if not fatal. It's not that you automatically have a higher risk of a serious sale of the virus, but the chances do increase. There is only one way to reduce these chances and risks and that is to make sure your fat percentage goes to legs. So lose weight.

Make an eating plan and get help

Everything revolves around the energy balance. Eating less and healthier and exercising more are the ways to get a lower body weight and therefore BMI. Of course you can do a lot yourself but it has been proven that by doing it yourself not many people lose weight sustainably. Making an eating plan can help you to get an overview of what is going well and what can be improved.
Making an eating plan is easy:

How am I going to adjust my diet?
When do I start?
What is my goal?
Am I going to do this together with family members or a friend?
Get help from a weight consultant

On the first question: How am I going to adjust my diet, we have the following tips:

Choose for small adjustments in your diet.
Reduce the portions: eat a little less meat, bread, potatoes, rice or pasta.
Try to eat less candy, take more fruit or vegetables in between.
Compare the amount of calories, fat, protein and carbohydrates on labels.
Choose wholemeal products for a fuller feeling.
Spread your sandwich thinly with margarine.
Don't stand on the scales every day, but choose a fixed time of the week.
Reward yourself if it goes well, which stimulates you to keep going.
Make an appointment with the weight consultant to stimulate perseverance.
What can BMFitt's weight consultant do for you?

A weight consultant knows everything there is to know about healthy nutrition, but can also help address underlying causes and monitor behavior. Often you know what you can do better, but perseverance and taking the right steps are difficult. Have you tried different diets and was perseverance really too difficult? Then a weight consultant from BMFitt is the right place for you. We don't advise you to follow a diet but look how you can achieve sustainable results with small steps that you can keep up. Success guaranteed.

Getting started with nutrition and exercise

You can start every day to work on a healthier BMI. This reduces the risk of serious consequences if you get the Coronavirus. Give yourself personal coaching to make this happen. Make an appointment for an intake today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row enable_grid_lines=""][vc_column][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row enable_grid_lines=""][vc_column][qodef_button type="outline" size="large" text="Gratis intake" target="_self" icon_pack="font_awesome" fa_icon="fa-arrow-right" font_weight="" text_transform="" link="http://firstclassfitness.club/contact/"][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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